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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign in?
Click on the "Log in with Battle.net" button and we'll send you to Battle.net. HSReplay.net does not have access to your password.
Do I need to sign in?
Not at all! Just download Hearthstone Deck Tracker and use it to upload and share your replays. You can then connect your replays to your Battle.net account at any time.
How do I share a replay?
Simply send the link to your friends. You can also use the "Share" dialog on the replay page, where you can even set the specific turn to link to.
How do you know which cards the opponent was holding in his hand?
Once a card is played from hand we can deduce when that card was drawn, discovered or created in any other way.
Where can I get the latest news about HSReplay.net?
Follow us @HSReplayNet and subscribe to /r/hsreplay.
Can you show me statistics about my winrates/decks/matchups…
Stay tuned!