Introducing Statistics

You might have noticed some new sections on the site! Over the past few days, we have been rolling out the new Statistics section of the site.

For the past six months, we have been super hard at work on processing and analyzing the replays uploaded to the site. The results are now finally public. We're huge statistics fans; we've worked with Disguised Toast, Vicious Syndicate and Hearthhead on articles and videos and we've released several articles of our own as well.

The new sections are:

  • Deck lists: Browse the most popular decks by winrate, popularity. Search including or excluding cards, or look at Wild vs. Standard!
  • Card lists: Browse winrate and inclusion popularity on all the cards.
  • Card gallery: For those who prefer browsing cards by image instead!
  • Trending Decks: The decks rising in popularity over the last 48 hours

Our deck pages feature automated Mulligan statistics as well as winrate and popularity over time. Card pages currently feature winrate and popularity over time, game type filters, per-class popularity and some cool card-specific stats such as discover choices, popular targets, etc.

Check out some highlights from those stats:

If you see some other cool stats, don't hesitate to point them out in the comments or on Twitter.

Along with these free features, we are also releasing HearthSim Premium. Running this service is expensive, we process and analyze over 1 million replays every day.

HearthSim Premium gives you:

  • Turn-based card statistics: Winrate and popularity per turn played for each card
  • Filter our stats with more granular time frames and ranks. Find what decks are most effective in the Rank 10-legend grind in the last 3 days!
  • What beats Druid? How to mulligan against Warrior? Filter statistics by the opponent class to get the extra edge.

All of this, with the added satisfaction of supporting the development of Hearthstone Deck Tracker, and the many more open source tools we develop at HearthSim.

Check out HearthSim Premium now, and join us any time on Discord for questions and feedback.

— The Team


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I hope the card name in decks could support the language setted for the replay
Guys this is amazing. Awesome job. I was ready to subscribe to Premium in about 30 seconds. Please add a Paypal payment option and I'll join. A billing contact for these kind of queries would also help.
Hello, some of my decks has this icon in HDT : screenshoot( ). It says "This deck has global statistics and mulligan information available on". How to go to statistics page or find it in list of thousands on site?
Dread Corsair is probably one of the best cards to end up with if there is also a Fiery War Axe available - that's distorting these stats if analysed superficially (further analysis would show that the 23% Kept and the Mulligan WR highly correlate with a Mulligan FWA).
Great Job guys waiting to see win rate in every milestone 20-15-10-5-legend already other sites are doing it also damage per turn to face or minions minions played per turn minions remains on board per turn spell played and dmg/turn Discover cards statistics (show/select) aslo i like to see top replays and stats related like on curve played cards and % for discover cards % of draw a specific wining card i like your work guys i prefer to see more ads than paying premium that's for sure